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An Investment Strategy for Turbulent Times

“Are you recommending any changes to my investment portfolio given all the recent market turmoil?” This is a question we frequently receive from clients during the past few weeks. Usually, they are referring to reducing their stock market exposure or “getting out until the dust settles”.

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Beware The Yield Curve Inversion…Or Not?

Since the 1970s, the world has seen a yield curve inversion as one of the most reliable signals of a looming recession. One can hardly turn on the nightly news without hearing about the most current inversion of the yield curve and its far-reaching implications.

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A Tribute to John Bogle

John Bogle, aka “Jack,” founded the Vanguard Group in 1974 and pioneered the first index fund with just $11 million. He was mocked by Wall Street throughout his life, especially in his early days for launching “Bogle’s Folly.”

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